Avatar Costume Kit

Avatar Neytiri Costume
Avatar Neytiri Costume
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New just in time for Halloween from the number one movie of all time. You can now create the perfect Neytiri costume from our Avatar costume kit, this Liquid Latex Face and Body Paint Costume Kit will surely turn heads and have people checking you out at your next Halloween party. Because cured Liquid Latex can be a little sticky we recommend using Liquid Latex Finish Spray (included in Kit) to keep the liquid latex from sticking to itself and tearing. Our Liquid Latex is completely non toxic and will not clog your pores or keep you from perspiring. To remove your costume just spray the included Body Clean onto the dried liquid latex and rub it in and the Liquid Latex will lift off your skin. Just finish with a rinse of warm water and your skin will be baby smooth.

This Kit contains the following: 16oz Fluorescent Blue and 16 oz Fluorescent Green, 16 oz Solid White and 16 oz Solid Blue (6) 1" foam brushes, liquid latex body prep, body wash and finish spray and a jar of silver stardust.